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Group Disability Insurance

We See the Ability in Disability

Helping to provide employees with income protection is one thing. Helping them overcome limitations to reclaim their lives is another. Our group disability insurance products can do both. What does that mean to employers? Shorter durations, a safer, faster return to productivity, and better outcomes for employees, in many cases.

Short-term Disability

When employees are unable to work because of a disabling injury or illness, short-term disability goes to work for them, replacing part of their income. Many of our group disability products make the whole process easier for everyone because:

  • Nurses handle the claims, providing compassionate experience that can reduce durations.
  • Programs can integrate short-term disability with leave management.
  • Programs can use a 100% return-to-work incentive formula for companies with 500+ employees.

Long-term Disability: Continuing Protection

Like short-term disability, our long-term disability products are carefully designed to emphasize ability, not limitations. It helps to address your employees' need for a secure income together with your need for the best possible outcome at work, through features like:

  • A disability definition that helps employees avoid a loss in earnings. There is only a loss of duties to satisfy the elimination period.
  • No self-reported symptom limitations, thanks to effective claims management.
  • A vocational rehabilitation program that offers vocational and job placement services, as well as work-related guidance and resources.

Statutory Disability: Keeping It Simple

State-mandated disability insurance requirements can change with the next legislative session. To stay compliant, it takes experience and up-to-date knowledge. We'll help you meet the state's requirements, protect your workforce and help relieve your staff of the legal, regulatory and administrative burden.

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